North American Kai Association

Welcome to the North American Kai Association

In memory of our beloved friend and devoted group member
                        Suzanne Sundholm
You are missed.
So you think a Kai Ken is the right dog for you?? Let us tell you some of the unique characteristics of this breed that make them a truly special dog. An IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the Prez

Because of the Kai's primitive nature and wild origins, it is important that the Kai be well socialized, starting at birth, with the breeder handling the newborns and exposing them to new sounds, sights, and people. It is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE THAT THE NEW OWNER CONTINUE this socialization from the time the Kai comes home as a baby puppy well into adult hood, taking him to training classes and any where else possible to expose him to different people, places and situations to have a happy well adjusted pet that is not fearful and timid.

The Kai is a natural hunter and some Kais have been known to swim or climb trees in pursuit of their prey. Given a chance they will take off in search of game. It is advisable to never trust your Kai off lead unless in a fenced yard.

Kais are highly intelligent so they will need firm training by a loving hand. Kais are extremely devoted to their family and require a fair amount of love and attention from their owner in order to be happy and they will do best kept as inside house dogs. They are a double coated breed that sheds once or twice a year.

If all this hasn't discouraged you, then maybe, this is the dog for you.